Deep Learning Practice for NLP: Large Movie Review Data Sentiment Analysis from Scratch

Deep Learning with Python is a very good book recently I have read: Deep Learning with Python introduces the field of deep learning using the Python language and the powerful Keras library. Written by Keras creator and Google AI researcher … Continue reading →

Best Coursera Courses for Data Science

Here is a list of best coursera courses for data science. 1. Introduction to Data Science Specialization This data science specialization provided by IBM, which include 4 sub courses. In this Specialization learners will develop foundational Data Science skills to … Continue reading →

Update Korean, Russian, French, German, Spanish Wikipedia Word2Vec Model for Word Similarity

I have launched WordSimilarity on April, which focused on computing the word similarity between two words by word2vec model based on the Wikipedia data. The website has the English Word2Vec Model for English Word Similarity: Exploiting Wikipedia Word Similarity by … Continue reading →

Training a Japanese Wikipedia Word2Vec Model by Gensim and Mecab

After “Training a Chinese Wikipedia Word2Vec Model by Gensim and Jieba“, we continue “Training a Japanese Wikipedia Word2Vec Model by Gensim and Mecab” with “Wikipedia_Word2vec” related scripts. Still, download the latest Japanese Wikipedia dump data first: You can use … Continue reading →

Training a Chinese Wikipedia Word2Vec Model by Gensim and Jieba

We have posted two methods for training a word2vec model based on English wikipedia data: “Training Word2Vec Model on English Wikipedia by Gensim” and “Exploiting Wikipedia Word Similarity by Word2Vec“. Based on the pipeline and related scripts: Wikipedia_Word2vec,we can train … Continue reading →

Exploiting Wikipedia Word Similarity by Word2Vec

We have written “Training Word2Vec Model on English Wikipedia by Gensim” before, and got a lot of attention. Recently, I have reviewed Word2Vec related materials again and test a new method to process the English wikipedia data and train Word2Vec … Continue reading →

Adding spaCy Demo and API into TextAnalysisOnline

I have added spaCy demo and api into TextAnalysisOnline, you can test spaCy by our scaCy demo and use spaCy in other languages such as Java/JVM/Android, Node.js, PHP, Objective-C/i-OS, Ruby, .Net and etc by Mashape api platform. Here is the … Continue reading →

Getting Started with spaCy

Update: Almost since one year after writing this article, spaCy now has been upgraded to version 1.2, and new data and new features are added in it. I fix some problems in this article for spacy install and test, especially … Continue reading →

Deep Learning for Text Mining from Scratch

Here is a list of courses or materials for you to learn deep learning for text mining from scratch。 Especially recommended Deep Learning Specialization by Andrew Ng About This Specialization If you want to break into AI, this Specialization will … Continue reading →