Best Coursera Courses for Data Science

Here is a list of best coursera courses for data science. 1. Introduction to Data Science Specialization This data science specialization provided by IBM, which include 4 sub courses. In this Specialization learners will develop foundational Data Science skills to … Continue reading →

Best Coursera Courses for Machine Learning

Here is a list of best coursera courses for machine learning. 1. Machine Learning As the first machine learning mooc course, this machine learning course provided by Stanford University and taught by Professor Andrew Ng, which is the best machine … Continue reading →

Andrew Ng Deep Learning Specialization: Best Deep Learning Course for Beginners and Deep Learners

Andrew Ng’s Deep Learning Specialization has launched before August 15, 2017, and everyone can enroll it by Coursera and learning the Deep Learning Course free for seven days and then cost 49 dollars per month. I have enrolled the deep … Continue reading →