Dive Into TensorFlow, Part II: Basic Concepts

This is the second article in the series “Dive Into TensorFlow“, here is an index of all the articles in the series that have been published to date: Part I: Getting Started with TensorFlow Part II: Basic Concepts (this article) … Continue reading →

Dive Into TensorFlow, Part I: Getting Started with TensorFlow

TensorFlow is one of most popular open source deep learning libraries launched by Google. This is the first article in a series where I will give a detail tutorial about TensorFlow, here is an index of all the articles in … Continue reading →

Deep Learning for NLP resources from Github

Two list of “Deep Learning for NLP resources” from github, just for reference: Deep Learning for NLP resources: Introductory and state of the art resources for NLP sequence modeling tasks like dialog. from https://github.com/andrewt3000/DL4NLP Deep-Learning-for-NLP-Resources: List of resources to get … Continue reading →

TextProcessing – A Text Processing Portal for Humans

I have launched a website TextProcessing for text processing resources collection. Till now it just add about 60 text processing related courses, books and projects which include Python, Java, C/C++, Ruby, Scala, Perl mainly focused on the open source project. … Continue reading →

CourseMiner – Mining Course for World

I have launched a website CourseMiner for open courses mining, which used simple text mining methods like tag extraction (keyword or keyphrase extraction) and document similarity or text similarity computing. Till now it just add Coursera and edX platform, and … Continue reading →

Adding spaCy Demo and API into TextAnalysisOnline

I have added spaCy demo and api into TextAnalysisOnline, you can test spaCy by our scaCy demo and use spaCy in other languages such as Java/JVM/Android, Node.js, PHP, Objective-C/i-OS, Ruby, .Net and etc by Mashape api platform. Here is the … Continue reading →

Getting Started with spaCy

Update: Almost since one year after writing this article, spaCy now has been upgraded to version 1.2, and new data and new features are added in it. I fix some problems in this article for spacy install and test, especially … Continue reading →

Getting Started with Text Processing or Natural Language Processing

Text Processing is the one of the most common tasks in the world, this article will focus on the natural language text processing in the computer, which commonly referred to as NLP. According to the wikipedia, Text processing is defined … Continue reading →

Getting Started with Keyword Extraction

Recently, I have surveyed some keyword extraction tools, papers and documents, and record them here for getting started with keyword extraction. According wikipedia, Keyword Extraction is defined like this: Keyword extraction is tasked with the automatic identification of terms that … Continue reading →

Deep Learning for Text Mining from Scratch

Here is a list of courses or materials for you to learn deep learning for text mining from scratch。 Especially recommended Deep Learning Specialization by Andrew Ng About This Specialization If you want to break into AI, this Specialization will … Continue reading →