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We provide TextAnalysis API on Mashape. TextAnalysis Api provides customized Text Analysis or Text Mining Services like Word Tokenize, Part-of-Speech(POS) Tagging, Stemmer, Lemmatizer, Chunker, Parser, Key Phrase Extraction(Noun Phrase Extraction), Sentence Segmentation(Sentence Boundary Detection), Grammar Checker, Sentiment Analysis, Text Summarizer, Text Classifier and other Text Analysis Tasks. It stands on the giant shoulders of NLP Tools, such as NLTK, TextBlob, Pattern, MBSP and etc. You can test the services on our demo website TextAnalysisOnline and use the TextAnalysis API on mashape.

We also provide this professional Text Summarization API on Mashape. Text Summarization API is based on advanced Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies, and it belongs to automatic text summarization and can be used to summarize text from the URL or document that user provided. If you want test our automatic text summarization serice, you can use our free automatic text summarization demo online here: Text Summarizer. Or you can subscribe the free plan of our Text Summarization API on Mashape. Based by the Mashape Platform, the Text Summarization API can by easily used in any enviroment capable of makeing HTTP requests, including Java/JVM/Android, Node.js, PHP, Python, Objective-C/iOS, Ruby, .NET. You can find the detail docs or more usage examples on our website: Text Summarization API Document.

If you have any questions or want any customized text analysis services, contact us by email: textanalysisapi@gmail.com


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  1. Hi,
    I am interested in how the entence Segmentation(Sentence Boundary Detection) is working and if it is possible to have it run locally.

  2. hi sir i am developing an android app that point the areas where any robbery activity occurs and i am getting the data from an online news paper. from where do i start and how would i do that can you please send me any hint like a road map please

  3. Hi. This is a very useful site. Thanks for making it available.
    However, I am getting curious results for similarities to ‘duty’ in English. The plural ‘duties’ in English and ‘duty’ in other languages all produce sensible results but the English list produces technical words related to frequency modulation. I guess this is a listing error of some kind.

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