Update Korean, Russian, French, German, Spanish Wikipedia Word2Vec Model for Word Similarity

I have launched WordSimilarity on April, which focused on computing the word similarity between two words by word2vec model based on the Wikipedia data. The website has the English Word2Vec Model for English Word Similarity: Exploiting Wikipedia Word Similarity by … Continue reading →

Andrew Ng Deep Learning Specialization: Best Deep Learning Course for Beginners and Deep Learners

Andrew Ng’s Deep Learning Specialization has launched before August 15, 2017, and everyone can enroll it by Coursera and learning the Deep Learning Course free for seven days and then cost 49 dollars per month. I have enrolled the deep … Continue reading →

Training a Japanese Wikipedia Word2Vec Model by Gensim and Mecab

After “Training a Chinese Wikipedia Word2Vec Model by Gensim and Jieba“, we continue “Training a Japanese Wikipedia Word2Vec Model by Gensim and Mecab” with “Wikipedia_Word2vec” related scripts. Still, download the latest Japanese Wikipedia dump data first: https://dumps.wikimedia.org/jawiki/latest/jawiki-latest-pages-articles.xml.bz2. You can use … Continue reading →